Give the Gift of Advocacy

one person, one week:





What is Advocacy?

  • Daily contact with an advocate
  • Paperwork and mail handling
  • Connections with service providers 
  • Representation when authorized
  • Tent, sleeping bag, tarp/tent fly
  • Phone (with charger and #)
  • Individualized hygiene kit
  • Individualized supplement kit
  • Laundry and showers as possible
  • Digital document storage

Each "client" we bring on-board is someone we have faith in.

  • We believe they can progress, with help.
  • We believe they have fallen through the cracks in our systems, and need a hand up, not a handout.
  • We believe in change, not charity.

The Rehumanization Project empowers victims of ECONOMIC distress through compassionate outreach and individual ADVOCACY.



We started with 50 people in Hollywood.

Instead of focusing on “the big picture” of homelessness in Los Angeles, our approach is to atomize the crisis by advocating for individuals. A big picture is a good analogy: imagine trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle without knowing the shapes of the individual pieces, only having "the big picture." It’s an impossible task. Especially when there are 60,000 pieces to consider.

Today, we take food (which would otherwise be wasted) from two franchisees and feed fifty people from an all-electric car. Sometimes twice a day. We bring them water, and whenever possible, support in easing the constant suffering they face on the street. Every time we do, we learn more about what we can do to help get us to our goal: to never see them (or anyone else) on the street again.

Our network of volunteers offers rides to services, clothing, emergency blankets, pet care, laundry services, food, and more. We do this efficiently, effectively, and compassionately, remembering that the symptoms we see on the street: drug abuse, starvation, mental illness, physical violence, theft, etc. are exacerbated by the chaos surrounding victims of socioeconomic distress, whether those victims have shelter or not.

You can help, by empowering us on this mission. It starts by acknowledging the failure of current efforts to even slow the growth of the crisis down. And it continues by taking individual action, whether that’s sharing our page or our content, following our advice on how to advocate, or finding your own compassionate path to empowering others.

Learn more. Spread the word.

We can do better.